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Speaking Events & November Nights – Catch Me If You Can

By: Christy Lamagna CMP, CMM, CTSM

November was filled with abundance. Multiple speaking events brought me from NJ to SPINCon, in Monterey, CA, and FICP, in Austin, TX, where a humbling number of hugs from old friends and new awaited me in each location. A special shout out to Julie Wilson who co-presented with me at FICP and did a fantastic job.

I was thrilled to spend more time in my kitchen than on a plane this month and loved every delicious moment of it.

My birthday was celebrated with a thoughtful room service delivery from my team and the one-year anniversary of my book, the publishing of which remains one of my proudest moments. Spoiler alert; I’ve started my second one and will have more news in 2020.

Giving gifts is a blessing to the giver which made an early celebration of a friend and colleague’s milestone birthday a joy. A fantastic pair of John Fluevog shoes brought huge smiles and a fashion show.

The puppies kept me company while traveling and brought smiles to many tired and weary travelers with their unending enthusiasm and tail wagging.

The Beaver Moon lit the sky and caught my attention. It’s called a Beaver Moon because beavers are mainly nocturnal and work under the light of the full moon.  Looks like I had something in common with the beavers this month!

I celebrated several Thanksgiving gatherings which filled my heart, as well as my stomach. My sister’s backyard was packed with birds after we shared some of our unused stuffing crumbs; they appreciated sharing our meal.

The team produced a hugely successful event in Baltimore, our last event of 2019. With December here we’re setting our sights on ending the year on a high note; details in next month’s Catch Me if You Can!

Check out my calendar and catch me if you can! Whether you want to book a laser-focus strategy session, an in-house team training, a ‘pick my brain’ consult, grab a cup of tea or anything in between, you’re invited to be part of my time in your area.

My Master Calendar

Don’t forget to bookmark this link, I’ll be constantly updating it with new events and schedule changes!

This is for old friends and new relationships waiting to happen, so… Catch me if you can by dropping me an email to schedule a meet-up. Find me at;

I can’t wait to see you!

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