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Be Thankful For Who You Are Now

be-thankful-for-who-you-are-nowIn a recent blog, I discussed giving thanks to yourself this season. I know it might sound a little off message as the holiday season customarily focuses on others. But, hear me out. You have many reasons to be thankful for yourself, where you have been, the goals you have accomplished, and the promise the future holds. Most of all, be thankful for who you are now. Here. In this moment.

We are often reminded not to judge others until we’ve walked a mile in their shoes and many of us keep that front of mind. But what about the person whose shoes we’re in; how much harsh judgement do we heap on ourselves for not being “as good as, as successful as, as organized as and, ….” The list goes on.

There’s a mix-up between growth and self dis-satisfaction. It’s okay to aim high and strive to reach new milestones. That’s healthy. What’s unhealthy is pushing too hard, never being satisfied, or falling into the comparison trap. Most of us are prone to measuring ourselves up against someone else and our perceived notion of who they are. Keep in mind while you’re looking at the person across from you, they may be comparing themselves to you and judging themselves as coming up short.

If you haven’t heard it today, you are doing great! All you can do is your best each day and be thankful for the day Remember, it isn’t those who are happy are thankful, its, those who are truly thankful are happy.

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