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Are you an entrepreneur, a business strategist or an event professional with a story to tell? Do you want your message to reach over 30,000 event, marketing and sales professionals? Then we should talk!

Maybe you’re an experiential marketer whose had amazing success immersing participants into a brands’ marketing message. Our audience would love the details! Or perhaps you’re a tech wizard that’s created an app that will revolutionize the way attendees engage; our readers crave stories on the latest in technology!

There’s a lot of reasons to write for Strategic Meetings & Events. Our audience is smart, funny, engaged and loves to learn, our reputation puts us at the top of the “must read” list and we’re a trusted source for clear, concise, actionable information.

We are constantly creating and sharing quality content for our loyal and ever-expanding audience, so if you’re ready to share something that our readers will find relevant, read on to learn how you can join our elite team of contributors.

What are the Strategic Meetings & Events blogs about?

Our audience consists of three core industry segments:

– Event Professionals
– Marketing Professionals
– Entrepreneurs

We like to keep our posts specific so write to the audience you know best on the topic you know best. Include a video, graphic or another visual element for even more engagement.

We insist on providing valuable, actionable information for our readers and we strive to ensure that every post published on our blog will educate the reader with fresh, never been seen before content that they can put in action immediately.

We only publish articles that are tactical and based on experience. We do not publish articles that are theory based or are overly editorial. You should be able to give actual examples of processes that work and be able to support your opinions by citing relevant sources.

Your post topic must be relevant to our own product in some way, for example, our tool allows a user to plan strategically toward an agreed-upon goal with the help of our resource library.  You would submit a relevant post that might focus on how you strategically achieve your goals. A relevant post for our more creative readers might focus on color/ design effects the overall attitude of the person surrounded by it.

If you are uncertain about whether your idea is relevant to our brand or not, pitch us anyway. Even if we don’t think it’s a good fit, good ideas never go to waste!

What kind of contributors are we looking for?

We are looking for subject matter experts. Someone who put their ideas into practice daily and can articulate it in a tangible way.  Someone who has learned from experience and can teach our readers a new skill or strategy. Someone with a proven track record of writing detailed, experience based and tactical articles.

Tone of voice:

Our blog’s tone is conversational. We want posts that contain valuable information, written with authority while also keeping it real!

What type of posts will get flat out rejected?

-Overly advertorial posts
-Anything that’s too similar to something we’ve already shared
-Anything that’s part of an obvious link building scheme
-Anything that’s promotional in nature
-Posts that are offensive or inaccurate
-Posts that are critical of other individuals or companies

Examples of guest posts we loved:

8 Steps To Eat Healthy While Traveling

Best Foods for Body Fuel at Conferences and Meetings

The Importance Of Creating An Event With An Impactful Message

79 Questions To Ask When Defining Buyer Personas For Prospecting

We found these posts enjoyable for many reasons, but mostly because they are actionable, written in a way that’s easy to comprehend.  They also include real images, not just random stock photos. There is serious thought put into these posts and they are written to provide value to the reader. Not just to get a post published and get a link back to the author’s website.

What you should know:

We cannot guarantee that your post will be published, and we reserve the right to reject your post for any reason. Please include an author bio where you can include (1) one link to your own site.

We recognize that in some cases to support your claims, you might need to link to a relevant post on your own site, but please ensure it is 100% relevant and makes the article better, not linking for the sake of building links. Any other links within your post should be 100% relevant.

You should also include at least three internal links to pages/posts on the Design Wizard website.

If we think there is unnecessary or irrelevant links in your content, we may remove them, but still publish your post.

While we don’t want to set a limit on the number of words that should be included in a post, we only want in-depth and analytical content, so if your post is only 400 words, it’s unlikely to be in depth and will likely get rejected. We reserve the right to change our guest post guidelines at any time.

Your post must include images. Visually great images that support your opinions, not random stock photos. You’ll be able to create cool images that support your opinion using Design Wizard (Fancy that?), if you need any guidance, let us know and we’ll be happy to help.

Still interested in guest posting? Great!

You can submit your pitch through the form below. If you do not receive a response within 10 days, you can assume that your pitch was not successful. If you don’t receive a response because your pitch isn’t up to scratch, you’re welcome to submit a new idea or submit a different spin on your original article.

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