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Gratitude and Good Food – Catch Me If You Can

By: Christy Lamagna CMP, CMM, CTSM

December is the month which brings us to the sun setting of 2019. It is a time filled with reflection, celebrations, and excitement and optimism of what the new year will offer us.  For some of us it is time off from work to gather with family and friends, while others are working to make sure that those who are gathering and celebrating have a seamless and memorable time.

For me, it was collecting and connecting with friends and family and making a few new friends long the way.  This month was one of my favorites as I worked hard on a new project, began the creative to rebrand an existing site, and met so many wonderful and exciting new people.  Along with most gatherings there is food involved and OH Boy! did I enjoy not only preparing some wonderful meals and entertaining in my Chicago home, but I was hosted to several outstanding culinary experiences.  I was also no stranger to airports this month, but I will say the energy at the airports was through the roof with personal travel rivaling those of us traveling for business.

Wishing you a new year full of gratitude, joy, and abundance.

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