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Founded in 2001, Strategic Meetings & Events is comprised of a dedicated team of talented event strategists who have collaborated with a diverse group of clients across the globe. By leveraging our expertise and industry insight, our Certified Meeting Professionals provide invaluable program management, site sourcing, and contract negotiation to save you valuable time and budget resources.

Below is a list of our Award-Winning Event Strategist(s) who are ready to help make your meetings and events much more valuable and memorable.

Event Strategists

  • Christy Lamagna: Visionary | Entrepreneur | Strategist

    When Christy joined the meetings industry 26 years ago, event planning was more of a concept than a recognized profession. In the ensuing two and a half decades, she has proudly participated in its evolution while growing with it. More…

  • Charmaine Houck: Creative Content Strategist

    “Coquette of Creative Energy”
    As an author, speaker, and trainer, Charmaine is accomplished in content creation and leveraging social media. Her years as editor of a meetings and events industry publication along with her drive to produce philanthropic events have garnered her magnificent insights and fostered treasured collaborations and friendships with others in the industry worldwide. More…

  • James S. Rota: Chief Marketing Officer

    “The Creator of All Things Fabulous”
    Over 29 years ago James began his career in New York City as manager of special events for a multi-million dollar cosmetic corporation. Harnessing his entrepreneurial spirit, James then went out on his own, designing and executing some of the most renowned celebrity product launches in the cosmetics industry’s history. More…


  • Erin Buckley: Strategic Support Manager

    “Energizer Bunny”
    Erin comes to SME with over 19 years of experience in the financial world. She joins us in the role of Strategic Support Manager. Translation: she handles everything we throw at her! Informally, we call her the “Energizer Bunny.” Erin never stops moving forward and thrives on achieving the most of everyday. Her attention to detail is beyond expectation, and she has an inner drive that pushes her to excel in all operations and aspects of any job, and always with a smile. More…

  • Julian Lwin: Experiential Design Director

    “Spatial Sorcerer”
    Julian has a deep understanding of the relationship between the material and the immaterial qualities of lighting, product and furniture design and the emotional connection they have on the total event experience which extends far beyond the ballroom. More…

  • Chris Salem: Corporate Development & Strategic Partnerships

    “The Relationship Architect”
    Chris helps bring SME’s message to those who want to turn their meetings into sales tools. He built his career as a global sales executive & team leader over the last 25 years and has experience in multi-media & event businesses across multiple industries. Chris drives revenue through strong connections built on customer satisfaction and loyalty. His focus is always bringing the best possible solutions to clients; it’s always about giving them what they need. More…

  • Sherri Fuchs: Event Strategist

    Moves Mountains”
    Sherri brings a wealth of knowledge around producing meetings, incentives, and special events.  Her years of experience in organizational development and human resources, coupled with over twenty plus years of meeting management and special event production, have contributed to her effectiveness as an entrepreneurial thinker and strategic planner.  More…

  • Mac Melto: Digital Communication Strategist

    “Social Media Maestro”
    Working in the audio industry as a music producer has given Mac the opportunity to experience the magic that occurs when high-quality content merges with digital communication. His deep understanding of influencing a target audience combined with his artistic skills have brought his music to tens of thousands of fans in multiple formats including television and video games. More…

  • Cody Price: Senior Media Strategist

    “Jedi In Training”
    Cody brings a Millennial’s perspective, energy and enthusiasm to everything he does. By entwining his passion for social media with events Cody expands a client’s digital marcom footprint throughout all steps of the planning process. The result is a more engaged audience, real time feedback, reduced marketing costs and richer data, all of which translate into more strategic planning and spend.  More…

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