Would you rather spend your valuable marketing dollars on events or invest them? If you’re ready to see returns on your event investments, master strategist, Christy Lamagna can show you how.

Christy partners with forward thinking organizations that are ready to surge ahead of their competition and outpace last year’s sales numbers, making her an indispensable asset.

Once you harness the power of Christy’s Five Strategic Planning Principles, your events will become powerful tools that shorten sales cycles.

If you’re ready to see the proven benefits of strategic planning that others now enjoy, then talk to the woman who wrote the book on how to make it happen.


It’s time to harness the power of your meetings and surge ahead of your competition.

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What they Are saying

Christy’s proven strategic solutions were paramount in achieving our event success. Applying the strategic planning process made the complex seem simple and took the stress out of our events.

Albert Schaufler

Corporate Event Executive

Many executives, marketers, professional administrators and event coordinators can administer a large meeting, but they are not strategic event professionals. The difference is huge! Christy’s strategic approach is the difference. Stop having ho-hum events that might miss the target. Use her methods to create strategic events to achieve business objectives.

Dan Leary

Back 9 Sales Operations

Time after time the success of our meetings are quantifiable from an ROI perspective. The peace of mind Christy’s strategic methods provide is immeasurable.

Tracy Dolan

A Private Equity Investor Relations Professional