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6 Event Experts share their Insights on Event Gamification

By Juhi Purswani

6 Event Experts share their Insights on Event Gamification

Let’s hear from the Experts — How event gamification enhances attendee engagement?

Event Gamification is a concept widely being accepted at events globally. Event gamification is a new feature or a concept being incorporated at events to enhance the experience of the attendees and to increase audience engagement.

Event gamification encourages attendees to be more active on social media like encouraging them to promote hashtag for the event and so on. In return of which the attendees get incentives or better rank in the leaderboard. Not just limited to social media polls, quizzes and games, gamification enhances audience engagement by proving to be the most effective tools for ice-breaking, better feedback collection, maximizing event ROI, etc.

Here are few words event influencers and event experts have to say about audience engagement using gamification at events –

1. “Gamification brings competitive fun to events, both of which are highly engaging elements that can bring people together in a highly memorable way. When gamification is well-aligned with the event objectives it can really make a difference. I can still recall gamification experiences from over a decade ago, much better than I can remember most other events from the same time period. That in itself is significant and something for events to strive for.” — Miguel Neves


2. “There are many benefits of gamification for events when used properly, but the key one is that it can increase attendee engagement. Along the way, these tools can improve the learning experience; they can provide learning feedback, they can increase interaction and can inspire friendly competition.”— Corbin Ball


3. “Technology needs to be engaging, purposeful and goal-centric. For example; gamification is an excellent way to engage the competitive spirit in a sales team which is exactly what is needed when discussing increased sales. The adrenaline rush that many salespeople find so addicting will jump start their desire to crush their numbers.

Gamification should be used as an audience appropriate. Baby boomers are likely to shy away from it, while Millennials and Gen Y will embrace it.

If you are strategic about all aspects of your meetings, including technology, you will achieve your organization’s goals and shape your target audience’s behavior.” — Christy Lamagna


4. “Gamification is a great tool to engage attendees, as long as you have a set strategy. Fun, just for the sake of it, tends to feel forced and useless. However, when it helps achieve goals of increasing networking, enhancing learning or other set goals, gamification is a key component of a great event. Whether you’re working with doctors, financial professionals or college students all humans like to have fun!” — Liz Caruso


5. “Event gamification comes in many forms and has the power to transform your corporate event into one that delights your audience. It works by accessing the emotions and the motivations of attendees because, at heart, we like to collect, complete and compete. It also adds a deeper level to event planning.

Aligning both extrinsic and intrinsic motivators well and in relation to your particular audience is the best way to ensure maximum participation. Incorporating a gaming element makes people much more likely to show up to the event. They’ll also arrive with a sense of wonder and excitement as they anticipate a participatory intensive event. This is an effective way to motivate people into generating widespread interest in the event.” — Jason Allan Scott


6. “Events exist to change behaviors and engagement is a behavior that can be nudged through games. If you look at the Maritz Global Events Master Designer Design Principles, many of the same behavioral science motivators are also the cornerstones of gaming. Principles such as symbolic rituals and rewards, novelty, and status can be utilized to activate specific personas in order to change their behaviors.

At corporate events, this could result in increased booth traffic, deeper networking, and stronger positive sentiments between attendee participants and brand stakeholders.” – Nick Borelli

nick borelli

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