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Twitter Chats Who Knew?

Engage, Share, Learn, and Drive Change

Event Strategists are constantly looking for new opportunities to connect and be thought leaders in our industry. Social Media offers strategic #eventprofs many ways to accomplish this, with Twitter among the most utilized. Following, liking or retweeting are useful, but the real results are seen through Twitter Chats.

Twitter chats are business networking events – minus the dress code, and are taking place in almost every industry imaginable. However, in our industry they are underutilized. Strategic Planners should lead the way to introduce this platform, gathering like-minded professionals to meet at a set time to discuss industry related topics. By creating and sharing the chat’s designated hashtag (#) the host allows everyone to add their voice to the conversation.

Before you start using Twitter chats, consider these five pointers:

  1. First, be real. Don’t try to please everyone. Stay true to yourself and your message. People will respect you for your honesty.
  2. You are your brands voice. Make sure to creatively craft your messages and make each and every one personal or unique. You don’t want your viewers and audience to think its spam.
  3. Select a time that takes your target audience into consideration. Think time zones and work schedules.
  4. Choose topics that are relevant and useful; don’t start a chat for the sake of having one. In return for their time, your participants need to walk away with useful ideas, information and/or connections.
  5. Don’t dominate the chat. Throw out a question and let others share their replies. This is a conversation, not a webinar or lecture.

Now that you’ve learned some of the guidelines here is a list of Twitter chats we think you might want to join in on.

Trade Show News Network

#ExpoChat – Wednesday’s @ 1pm ET

Host: @TSNN_com_US

#ExpoChat focuses on helping personalize events and trade show experiences. This chat aims to teach event management groups and industries how important distinguishing experiences or events are from one another through their unique abilities.

Event Planners Talk

#EventPlannersTalk – Every Monday 9pm – 10pm UK Time (4pm – 5pm ET)

Host: @themiceblogHQ

#EventPlannersTalk focuses on values in the event industry by providing workshops for people who want to go further and learn more. This chat focuses on event planning trends and ways planners may improve their events.

Meetings and Conventions Chat

#ChatMC – Follow for schedule

Host: @mcmagtweet

#ChatMC is a magazine that promotes event management and different conventions. This chat is devoted to helping #meetingprofs + #eventprofs excel by generating discussion on our industry’s most pressing issues!

Successful Meetings Chat

#ChatMtgs – Follow for schedule

Host: @SuccessfulMtgs

#ChatMtgs is very similar to #ChatMC due to its promoting and event management advice and industry discussions. This chat is perfect if you are interested in planning successful meetings and learning more about the industry.

iexplore come back different

#iExploreChat – 3rd Wednesday of each month @ 1pm ET

Hosts: @iexplore & @TravelMindset

#iExploreChat is key source for someone into adventures and exponential travel. They share their experiences and help others gain that travel bug to plan an amazing journey to wherever they desire!

For even more information on Twitter chats check out these two articles from Hootsuite and Buffer.

Finally here’s a few more Twitter chats you may find useful:

  1. 10 Twitter Chats for Entrepreneurs
  2. 35 Top Twitter Chats for Marketers
  3. Top Twitter Chats for Travel Bloggers

Looking forward to getting to know you and your thoughts on our industry on some of the upcoming Twitter chats! Be sure to keep an eye out for the #GetStrategic chat coming soon. Until then, happy tweeting!

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