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An Event Marketing Campaign

Our Integrated Marketing Success Story

Integrated Marketing Success Story
Our Integrated Marketing Success Story
Marketing Success Story
Success Story
Marketing Success
Making the sale

The UPS Store, in partnership with the renowned business publication, ‘Inc.’ set out on a nationwide search to find and highlight small businesses that embodied exceptional quality, creativity, dedication to client service and entrepreneurship. Their extensive research lead them to Strategic Meetings & Events.

After speaking with a reporter from ‘Inc.’ we were optimistic. The stories around the event marketing campaigns we’ve created practically told themselves. Recounting the hunt for the quintessential travel wallet and the subsequent hour-long meeting we had on how to box and wrap them gave us the opportunity to share details we rarely discuss outside our office. The more we explained our process, the more we were reminded that what we consider common practice is all too rare.

We discussed how we market ourselves; the social media campaigns we create, the amazing recipes we send from places we’ve traveled around the globe, the team building events we custom design for clients, the writing we do; from original song lyrics to skits to executive presentations. The more we shared, the more we had to tell. It’s been an incredible 15 years, with countless experiences created and miles flown.

Our excitement at sharing this news stems not from the publicity, (which we admit is fun) but from the appreciation that the work we are so proud of, and that we give everything we have to, is being recognized even outside our industry for what it is; exceptional. If you’ve worked with the SME team, you understand what it is to have the ‘SME’ experience. You also know that we will continue to find new ways to delight, inspire and motivate your attendees.

So, as you watch the video and read the article on Marketing Shortcuts for Driving Sales in a Hurry, and read the article on A Strategic Approach to Integrated Marketing, please keep the words, ‘Thank You,’ top of mind. Without your partnership, trust and referrals, our talent, passion and creativity could not be used to it’s fullest potential.

Here’s to more fantastic things!

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Marketing Shortcuts for Driving Sales in a HurryEvent Strategists are constantly looking for new opportunities to connect and be thought leaders in our industry. Social Media offers strategic #eventprofs