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Room Advances 101 – How to successfully advance your VIP’s hotel room

By Christy Lamagna, CMP, CMM, CTSM

Some of the best war stories from events come from room advances gone wrong, or gone right depending on your perspective. Random socks and miscellaneous receipts are commonplace and forgettable. It’s the underwear behind the headboard, leftovers in the mini bar and cash in the safe that raise eyebrows.

Just as important but often overlooked are the ‘little things’ that make a hotel room a welcoming place after a long day of work. Remote controls and light bulbs that work, clean surfaces, crisp bedding and a carpet free of stains and crumbs may sound obvious but if you’re not advancing rooms with a careful eye, you can’t be sure your VIP rooms are ready for guests.

Click on the video below for some tips and reminders on how to ensure your VIP’s hotel room is good to go when your attendees walk through the door.


The host venue is only partially responsible for your attendee’s onsite experience. Strategic planners build time into their schedules to advance VIP rooms after the hotel has signed off on them. It’s the smallest of details that can make the biggest difference, so make sure this important step is given the attention it deserves every time you have guests arriving.

What’s your favorite room advance story or tip? We want to know. Connect with us today.

For additional information on how to successfully advance your attendee’s’ room, click here.

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