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Nordic Ware Autumn Treats Pan

nordic-ware-autumn-treats-pan-strategic-meetings-eventsWhen our minds begin to wander to warming comfort foods at the first signs of fall and we think on gatherings which bring us together to share the change of season, this truly is our favorite time of year.  Mother Nature magically paints our surroundings with vivid shades of ripeness, our favorite sweaters find their way back to the top of our closets or bottom of our wardrobes, scarves are pulled out for their fashionable opportunities on the horizon,  and anything pumpkin or spice (or pumpkin spice) is the call of the day.  In this time, nothing is more rewarding than the smell of something freshly baked straight from the oven.  Treats which capture the essence of the season are prepared for giving and friends and family gather to enjoy the closing of another year and the beginning of the holiday season.  This is our favorite season.  So when we came across this Nordic Ware autumn treats pan ($26.97), in single serve (and super cute!) sizes we were delighted and had to share it with you all.  It’s perfect for making this month’s Kitchen Cabinet recipe for a classic gingerbread cake.

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