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A debt of gratitude to the Meetings Mean Business Coalition (MMB) as we head into the third annual Global Meetings Industry Day, where the industry unites to show the world the power of meetings and their fiscal impact on local, regional and global levels.

People are more powerful when they unite, which is why Global Meetings Industry Day 2019 is so significant. The meetings industry is fractured and siloed, so the opportunity to join voices with our colleagues, suppliers, peers, and competitors while sharing information and advocating for our industry is one we should all embrace with both hands. GMID 2019 joins industry advocates from across six continents and more than forty countries.

Globally, the meetings industry generates $2.65 trillion of revenue, supporting hundreds of thousands of jobs, small businesses and solopreneurs. With those numbers comes significant responsibility in how we carry out our part in the process. No matter how large or small your contribution, approaching your role with a firm commitment to working with integrity and an unselfish spirit is crucial. Being proud of our size is the easy part of the equation. We each need to strive to behave in a manner that allows us to be proud of our industry’s accomplishments and conduct.

So, in addition to supporting #GMID19 with social media posts and perhaps attending an event, why not reach across the aisle and help a colleague, share a smile with a competitor (who is simply a person with a different employer), offer an extra concession, pull back on an unnecessary demand, show a kindness. After all, our industry is centered on hospitality. So why not show some to each other?

On April 4th make sure to show your support and celebrate the industry’s enduring business value and its global economic impact.  If you’re too busy to support and promote your profession, it may not be there to support you in years to come. Add your voice and make sure it’s speaking a message of which we can all be proud.

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