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Bucket List Bus Ride – Catch Me If You Can

By: Christy Lamagna CMP, CMM, CTSM

When I first created this monthly post, I thought it was apropos to title it “Catch Me if You Can.”  I never thought that time would fly by so quickly that I would struggle to “catch up” with myself in sticking to the schedule!

Planes, trains and automobiles are a typical part of my life, but this month, it’s a bus ride that stands out. My bucket list included driving a coach bus and that dream finally came true. Even though I never exceeded 35MPH, in a vehicle that large it was still exhilarating!

I brushed up on my stage manager skills to gather fresh content for best practices to create messages that influence audiences’ behavior.

On my off time, I enjoyed a violin recital, followed the intense battle for the Stanley Cup, reading books, walked my dog amidst the spring flowers, and binge watched Shameless.

Anybody up for a challenge? See if you can identify the airport featured in the video. The first person to send the correct answer to will win a free set of travel cubes for YOUR next adventure.

Whether traveling to speaking events, coaching my private clients or consulting executives and their teams on the power of strategic thinking, my appreciation for each person I meet and every new thing I learn, never diminishes.

Next month has another international trip scheduled and plenty of time to create and deliver new content, so Catch Me If You Can in a town near you. I’d love to have a cup of coffee, break bread or share a story or two and connect the old-fashioned way, face to face! Whether you want to book a laser-focus strategy session, an in-house team training, a ‘pick my brain’ consult, grab a cup of tea or anything in between, you’re invited to be part of my time in your area.

My Master Calendar

Don’t forget to bookmark this link, I’ll be constantly updating it with new events and schedule changes!

This is for old friends and new relationships waiting to happen, so… Catch me if you can by dropping me an email to schedule a meet-up. Find me at;

I can’t wait to see you!

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