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Weekends Without Obligations – Catch Me If You Can

By: Christy Lamagna CMP, CMM, CTSM

The final chapter on the summer of 2019 has been written, and in this instance, recorded. My August was typical of that of so many others’; a slower work pace, weekends without obligations and quality exhale moments. And like most who are reading this I am wondering how fall is suddenly here.

My flight time in August was lower than it has been all year, but my time waiting to take off was epoch. When I looked up from my book to glance around and see what was happening around me, I was thoroughly entertained by the moans from fellow delayed passengers (few can complain as colorfully or exuberantly than we New Yorkers!)

In between pages and amused giggles, I committed to a month of being more present, relaxed and to slow my pace. I succeeded and was reminded that this isn’t a once a year project. It’s a priority I’m worthy of and that life demands. Our life’s purpose isn’t billable hours and things crossed off lists.

A walk to the farmers’ market for tomatoes, corn, green beans and parsley contributed to a feast shared with friends over a leisurely dinner. I took a day off for the town’s annual book fair (my favorite day of the year) and bought a truckload of books. Literally. This month’s challenge: guess how many books I purchased. If you are correct you’ll receive a signed copy of my book “The Strategic Planning Guide for Event Professionals.” Guess now by clicking here.

August also brings with it National Dog Day, which in my house is every day. Roo is small but mighty in his demands and his Sheepdog cousin, Lucy, who visits three days a week, is very happy to piggyback on his requisite long walks, copious amounts of cookies and lots of head scratches.

So that was my month. For those of you wondering why my monthly recaps are a bit off kilter, chalk it up to more time reading and walking dogs. 😊

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