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The Evolution of a Strategic Journey

By Christy Lamagna, CMP, CMM, CTSM

Did you remember feeling butterflies in your stomach your first day of school or when you started your first ‘real’ job? I love that feeling. Starting new adventures and tackling the unknown makes me feel alive. And, to be honest, terrifies me a little.

This year marks the evolution of a strategic journey centered around sharing what I’ve learned and helping others take risks, reach goals and do things that

That’s one of the reasons I left Corporate America in 2001 and founded Strategic Meetings & Events. I took a leap of faith and began one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. In 2010 when SME was running at full speed, SME Displays, a tradeshow booth, banner stand and promotional signage company began to take shape and launched in 2012.

Both experiences taught me the importance of taking risks, embracing change, doing what frightens me and the benefits of listening to good advice and believing in myself. This year marks two new journeys centered around sharing what I’ve learned and helping others take risks, reach goals and do things that make them happy.

My new project, Life Lived Strategically has officially launched. The site is a repository of life lessons, professional tips, best practices, and ideas I’m sharing with anyone who wants useful information in a supportive format. I invite you to take whatever you like and share it with others. The more I give the happier I am, and hopefully, the easier I can make other people’s journeys. The content will be continuously updated so you can return to it again and again.

Can’t wait to start learning? Visit Life Lived Strategically now for a look at the site’s premier content. In September I’ll post a preview of my first book, “The Strategic Planning Guide for Event Professionals,” which is due out this fall. It’s targeted towards event planners who want to ignite their careers, transform the organization for which they work, and elevate the industry by producing strategic events that shorten sales cycles and bring marketing messages to life.

This step by step guide will be available on Amazon this fall. Interested in getting your free copy? I invite you to sign up for the .99 cents e-book.

In the Spring of 2019, “Life The Ultimate Event™,” will be published. It’s written for anyone who wants to invite more fulfillment, happiness and success into their lives. It’s a collection of stories, useful information and a ton of ‘who knew?’ moments that are guaranteed to inspire, teach, help you reach new goals and make you laugh.

Here’s to your next adventure and success!

Life is the Ultimate Event.
When lived to its fullest,
life is an immersive, shared experience,
rich with connections, interactions, conversations, and opportunities.
~ Christy

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