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Remembering who made the first barbecue of the season possible.

The thought of officially kicking off the summer with a gathering of friends, food and cocktails has me pushing the week to end so I can start making potato salad and marinating steaks. The only thing that takes priority over writing out my grocery list is writing a check to the Veteran’s association I support, and making sure I call the veteran’s in my life to express my gratitude.

Memorial DayWhile all days off are to be celebrated, Memorial Day is one that deserves not just our enjoyment, but our respect, appreciation, and acknowledgement of what it stands for.

Perhaps you have a family member or friend, or both, who has served in the military. Some of you reading this may have a loved one actively stationed overseas, and spend countless hours waiting to hear from them and assure yourself they are safe. Perhaps you have a grandfather or uncle who served years ago and who passed before you knew them, or a relative who served our country but who won’t talk about their time in the armed forces.

Regardless, the people who literally devote their lives either entirely or for a period of time, and who put themselves in harm’s way to protect a nation of people, the overwhelming majority of whom they have never met, are heroes. In turn, we won’t meet 99.9% of the people who have served our country, and in turn us, yet we owe each of them our freedom and life as we know it.

Make a moment to reflect on why Memorial Day was created and how we can use the day as a reminder of our responsibility to honor, thank and support all those who have given so much, so freely and so selflessly. For more information on ways to support Veterans, both locally or nationally, go to:

Valor Clinic Foundation

Hope for the Warriors

Wounded Warriors Family Support

Puppies Behind Bars

Thanks USA

Fisher House Foundation

Memorial Day

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