James S. Rota: Chief Marketing Officer

    James S. Rota

    Chief Marketing Officer
    “The Creator of All Things Fabulous”

    Over 29 years ago James began his career in New York City as manager of special events for a multi-million dollar cosmetic corporation. Harnessing his entrepreneurial spirit, James then went out on his own, designing and executing some of the most renowned celebrity product launches in the cosmetics industry’s history.

    James earned a degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management. His extensive experience in the Hospitality Industry, a background in Interior Design and his creative ingenuity has led to accolades by his clients and recognition throughout the event industry.

    Joining forces with Strategic Meetings & Events and being hailed as “The Creator of Everything Fabulous“ was the next step on his journey to continue to showcase his talents. James has a natural ability to convey information with creativity and ease, making him an inspiring teacher and leader. He is as delightful as he is inventive and brings happiness, levity and unparalleled creativity to décor, design, and logistics. Rooms brighten when James walks into them, and it has nothing to do with the lighting.

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