Sanece Marie Poolas: Senior Event Strategist

    Sanece Marie Poolas

    Senior Event Strategist
    “Our Own Mary Poppins”

    Sanece Marie brings over 18 years of corporate meeting and event planning experience to her role as a Senior Event Strategist at SME. Her career at Cendant Communications, led to a role with Dunn & Bradstreet and then to an event production position at Realogy, allowing Sanece Marie to work on programs of all sizes, budgets and scopes.

    While with SME, Sanece’s planning journey has taken her from South Africa to Thailand. Her global expertise and experiences bring depth, dimension and a cultured perspective to everything she does.

    Quirky, mischievous, soft-spoken yet confident, and supremely talented, Sanece’s ability to produce exceptional events is instantly apparent to everyone who works with her. While in the middle of a complex situation, Sanece can step back and view it from unique angles, offering insight, solutions, suggestions and program enhancements that allow our clients to truthfully boast they host events that are second to none.

    Dedicated, driven, comfortable taking on huge tasks and programs and delighting in finding solutions to décor, logistic or technology challenges, Sanece is an unforgettable, unstoppable, unexpected addition to every team she assists.

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